Five of the Best: Neutral Nails

10 June 2012

And here are two coats of each applied! This is just a super quick roundup of five of my 'go to' nail shades. I think they're very work/school/life appropriate, even though the H&M one is quite dark it's a nice unoffensive dark if that makes sense (not a g0ffik black). None of these have got a top coat on.

I know in my Illamasqua post last week I hated on Monogamous a bit but its actually been the only polish (along with top coats etc) on my nails since I purchased it...It just needs a top coat as I prefer a glossy finish, and a careful application. It's incredibly fast drying which is a bonus!

Here's a little closeup, I just wanted to show off the gorgeous shimmer in Kim-pletely in Love. This is another that I bought home from America for my sister, but it's a really milky pink with a light trace of shimmer which is just gorgeous (although it's not very opaque). P.S. Sorry about the little thread on Utopia, I dind't realise it was there until after I took the photos!
Do you like neutral nails? What's your favourite shade? I'm always on the lookout for recommendations.


  1. Love these! I keep meaning to buy the Models Own cause everyone seems to rave about it! Can I ask where you got the wheel of falsies from? x

    1. Hello I got them from eBay! 10 for £1.99, I think they came from hong kong or something haha x

  2. the nicole one is really pretty!!
    I'm afraid that those I'd recommend aren't available in the UK

  3. Love the models own one!

  4. ooh I love the OPI one and the models own one! xx

  5. Love these! My favorite nude is OPI Tickle my France-y...I've gone through 2 bottles so far of it alone !

    xx Lindsay

  6. I've never tried a neutral nail polish, I think I need to as they are lovely! I have trouble staying away from bright and colourful things haha! :)

  7. Loving all these shades. I never think of painting my nails a neutral colour, definitely will now :) xx

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  9. I love neutral nails at the moment! The OPI one looks just lovely!
    I would recommend you try Offbeat and Big Smoke by Topshop, they are my two personal favourite neutral shades.


  10. I love the Models own one! I need to get that.
    My favourite neutral that I'd recommend would be Maybelline Forever Strong Pro in Rose Poudre


Thank you for all of your comments - I read and appreciate every one :)