Bubbles: Lush Blackberry Bath Bomb and the Comforter Bubble Bar

22 June 2012

Can I start off by saying how much I prefer the new black Lush packaging to the old yellow? Its so sleek and a dream to take a picture of. Yes its been that long since I went to Lush that I didn't know it'd changed! Before I went to uni, I used to shop there on a regular basis. However, as a student I was always using showers (easier to keep clean), and I missed out on how much I love a nice long soak with a treat from Lush. So, on a rare Saturday afternoon off, I headed over to Derby and decided to embrace the back at home delight of a bubble bath!

The Comforter is the one item that I always buy when I'm in Lush. I literally can not leave the store without one of these. I usually break it in to quarters as it's pretty big, and get four baths worth out of it. I just love everything about this bubble bar. It turns my bath water the most gorgeous deep pink colour, I get a mountain of bubbles, and the smell is the most delicious thing ever. I did write 'they need to bottle this stuff, seriously' right here, but after a little research it turns out they have the comforter as a solid perfume, so I'll definitely be heading back to Lush ASAP and investing! The main scent in this bubble bar is bergamot oil (from the peel of a bergamot organge - which is strangely yellow in colour). It's well known as a natural anti-depressant, as the fruity fragrance relaxes the mind and lifts the spirits, which I've definitely needed recently - and I must say, I feel in such a positive frame of mind after using this.

Whilst in Lush, I decided to try out something new too (as I only ever buy the comforter really) and asked one of their super enthusiastic staff for help. She recommended the Blackberry Bath Bomb to me, as it too contains bergamot oil (which I can't rave about enough!), but also has the extra addition of frankinsence oil. Now, all I knew about frankinsence before trying this was that one of the three wise men gave it to the baby Jesus. However, apparently it's obtained from a tree! It also has a really nice fruity smell, but it's used in lots of herbal medicine too - for being rejuvinating and helping with problem skin. This was such a treat to put in my bath. It fizzed away for about five minutes, and there was a little message inside too ('boom boom') which was really cute. Although it didn't provide bubbles, it turned my water the most gorgeous deep shade of purple. I do kind of wish I'd cut this in half though, because it was such a gorgeous smell, and now it's all gone.

Now that I'm back home, I'll definitely be experimenting with lots more Lush products. What are your recommendations?


  1. Great post! I love the comforter but have never tried Blackberry bath bomb, I did order one the other day though, so can't wait to try it! I would definitely recommend you try out their Avobomb, its so fresh and invigorating!

  2. Love the Lush bath bombs, they all smell so lovely! I've just started using their Ultrabland cleanser and the Eau Roma Toner, both are fantastic! And always love their cosmetic catastrophe face mask! x

  3. The comforter bar looks amazing! I never used their bars before. But a pink coloured bath!? Yes please. Definitely going to purchase! xx

  4. I love lush stuff, these look great!


  5. looks yummy!!!
    really nice review...keep the good work :))


  6. They have a perfume of the Comforter?!? I need it! haha
    I'm the same as you, I love coming home for the holidays so I can have a lovely lush bath and not have to worry about the water bill ;) xxx

  7. ooh I love lush, I didnt know they had changed packaging either haha :)
    Just to let you know I have tagged you in my beautiful bloggers awards tag, I hope you do it x

  8. I have the comforter bubble bar and I love it, the smell is amazing!!


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