What's In My Handbag #1 | University

22 May 2012

I've had to nip up to Leeds today to sit my last ever university exam, so I scheduled this in as just a quick filler as I didn't really have time for a massive review post that I have to take lots of photographs for. I've got the Zara messenger bag (standard) and at the minute its filled with junk. In no particular order: iphone, ipod classic, kindle, Thorntons diabetic chocolate I bought for my grandma, multivitamins, sexy hair powder play, an apple 'cos I'm on a health kick, little notebook, Colorado pen, Holy Bible because I'm a Theology and Religious Studies student and I'm allowed to take it in to my exam and don't wanna forget it tomorrow, Cath Kidston purse my friend bought me for my 21st, vaseline because my lips/hands are forever dry. I love this bag because it fits all my crap, my ipad and a litre bottle of water in and it doesn't even feel full. Basically I just like carrying my life around with me. Now wish me look for this exam :(!


  1. loving that bag and good luck with the exams

    1. Thank you so much :) I love the bag too, need it in black!

  2. Love your bag


  3. hope your exam went ok, love that cath kidson purse! LV x


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