Scent: Zara Fragrances

30 May 2012

I'm very very picky about fragrances. I religiously only wear Chanel, Chloe or Marc Jacobs. However, my sister has been waxing lyrical about how great Zara's fragrance range is, so when shopping a couple of days a go I tried them out, and ended up buying these two.
Fruity is a gorgeous scent, especially for the sun we've had lately. I'm rubbish at describing fragrances, but this just is really fruity, it reminds me of a cocktail. I can definitely smell some citrus scents mixed in to this, and its a lovely every day summer fragrance. This is such a bargain too - under a tenner for 100ml!
(This looks empty but its actually just full with clear liquid). White is much more of an 'evening' scent. Its definitely muskier than fruity, but I love it just as much. I'd actually decided to buy Fruity before I tried this, but I couldn't resist this as well. You get a lot less of this product - only 30ml - but for £7, I can't really complain!

For some reason I can't find a link on the Zara site to any of their fragrances, but my local store carries a line of about fifteen different eau de toilette's. I would definitely recommend you give them a try, they're so reasonably priced - they must be the cheapest things in the whole store! These two are now my go to everyday perfumes and I've kept my high end favourites for special occasions, so these are saving me some money whilst still smelling delicious. They have such a wide selection that I'm sure there'll be something for everyone :)


  1. I love Zara fragrances! Its the only line of fragrances where I actually like every single perfume!

  2. My mum and sister have Zara fragrances and I am always stealing them! xx

  3. Oh love the look of these! Been meaning to get some new fragrances and these might be the ones!

  4. Oh my god! I'm so going to buy this! We have a Zara here in France, wahooo!! :D Thank you so much for this blogpost!!! Keep it up!!

    Love Rachael

  5. I never realized Zara sold fragrances. I'll have to give these a sniff next time I'm in one! xx


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