Tan: St Moriz Instant Mousse in Medium

19 May 2012

I am pale, there's no denying it - MAC don't even make a shade pale enough for me. So for the last few years, I have relied on fake tan to get me to a less than ghostly state. I've tried most of the well known brands, including St. Tropez, fake bake, rimmel and garnier/ambre solaire. I was fairly happy with my St. Tropez mousse, just not with the price tag. A friend of mine recommended St Moriz to me as a good dupe, so (as per usual) I searched for reviews all over the net. I found loads of positive ones for the dark shade of this, but not much for medium. As I'm so pale, I'd tended to use gradual tans or fair shades in the past, as I didn't want too much of a difference. I decided that for £3 I'd risk it, and picked up a bottle of this in Wilkinsons.

Here is a lovely before shot of my arm, so you can gauge what my skin tone is naturally. I had to take these photos at night (obviously) as I slept in the tan overnight, but my camera isn't that great at pictures without natural day light. Anyway, after moisturising dry spots, I applied this all over (except for my face, because my skin is very sensitive so I didn't risk it) with a tanning mitt, and went to bed. This mousse has a colour guide when you apply it, but don't panic as it washes a lot lighter in the morning!
And here is the after shot, from when I'd washed the tan off this morning. As you can see this has definitely taken my skin down a couple of shades, but I think that if I was going to wear this on a night out I'd have to apply it two nights in a row to get me to a really nice olive shade.
(without flash)

What I like about this product (apart from the price) is how streak free it is. When I went to bed there were areas of my skin that looked darker than others, but after washing the colour guide off I was really even all over. Also, I applied this literally five minutes before bed and it didn't transfer on to my sheets! It also doesn't have that noticeable 'fake tan' biscuit smell.

While the colour isn't as deep as I'd like it to be, I do think that this is a great budget alternative to St. Tropez, and I'd repurchase if I ever run out (although the bottle is pretty big so I doubt that'll happen any time soon!)

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  1. its good that it didnt come off on your sheets - i hate that! x


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