Hair: Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme

16 May 2012

I have abused my hair for years; I've coloured it since the tender age of 12 (highlights, then platinum blonde for five years, then dark brown, then back to highlights), and until recently was blowdrying and straightening my hair every day. After a disastrous set of highlights in March, I went in to my local Trade Secrets and asked for the strongest treatment they had. The assistant recommended that I try the extreme version Philip Kingley's infamous elasticizer. I had heard of this product before but never really looked in to it, which is surprising seeing as I've tried lots of hair products over the years. Going against my usual technique of reading hundreds of reviews of a product before parting with cash, I purchased the 150ml tub and decided to hope for the best!
Two months later and I have literally scraped out all of this product. This is actually a pre-shampoo treatment which works to repair the hair, rather than just being a deep conditioner which adds shine. I used this product on average twice a week, but I have fine, chin length hair, so I doubt this size would last long for anyone with longer hair. I found it really relaxing to just sit with a shower cap on for 20 minutes (this is included in the box), and when I washed it out my hair definitely felt softer. I would repurchase this, I know its pricey but I felt that there was significantly less breakage of my hair, although I'd really like to combine this with a post conditioning treatment too. I've received an Aveda restructuring treatment today, and I have a feeling that the two combined would be hair heaven!

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme 150ml retails for £26.25, but Feel Unique stock this for £22.40.


  1. is this your first post? If so I can say I was the there from the start :) great post. LV x

    1. Yes! I've been reading lots of blogs for a while now so thought it was about time I joined in. Thank you :) x


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