Nails: Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolors Sealed With A Kris

17 May 2012

I first purchased this polish (alongside a few others from the collaboration range) for my younger sister whilst I was in America in January. She's a massive Kardashian fan, so I thought she'd appreciate the novelty of wearing one of their shades! I got this in Target, and I think it was around $8.
When I got home and saw how this looked on her nails, I just had to have it. This turned out to be the perfect vampy red, it needs just two coats, and it has a gorgeous glossy finish. I'm not really a massive fan of red nail polishes, I tend to stick to my nudes and glitter, but I just love this shade. Literally the best way to describe it is vampy. Its hard to capture this shade with my camera, but its a very deep, rich red, and its now the only red I'll ever need in my polish collection! My biggest problem with this polish is the price, it cost me almost twice what I paid in America back at home, as with most of the OPI range.

I haven't even got a top coat on here - the finish is just that glossy! I change my nails quite often, but I get a good four or five days wear out of this before any major chipping. I purchased this polish from very for £9, but when I go to repurchase I'll definitely shop around as I found their customer service to be rubbish.


  1. love the colour! xx

    1. Thank you :) it is one that I barely ever wear but love when it's on! X

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