Lips: Nars Belle De Jour Lipstick

19 May 2012

First off I have managed to borrow (steal) one of my brother's DSLR's... I am by no means a 'photographer' (unlike him who has just finished his course) but I'm trying my best to learn! Sorry if some of these photo's aren't perfect but hopefully they should start to get a LOT better than my lovely but old point and shoot.

 So, on Thursday ASOS sent out an e-mail offering free next day delivery that day. For some reason I saw this as a bit of a challenge, as in I had to find something I liked, and finally for the sake of spending money I ended up buying Nars Belle De Jour lipstick. I pretty much instantly regretted doing this, because about half an hour later I decided i reeeally wanted a coral coloured lipstick, which Belle De Jour definitely isn't, but hey at least its got a nice name!

The first thing I noticed about this lipstick is that it has the usual gorgeous NARS packaging. It feels really simple and luxe, but also means it'll be a pain to keep clean :(

According to the write up on Belle De Jour is considered to be a sheer lipstick, and I'd have to agree. It has a lovely finish, almost like a gloss but not 'gloopy' looking, although I did find that because its so sheer it needed a couple of swipes to achieve a nice colour. I do love the colour though - I'm not really a big lipstick wearer because I have such thin lips, but this is such a gorgeous warm nude.

I really struggled to get a picture of this on my lips because I'm such a photography novice (sorry!) but here's the best I could do:
Ignore my horrible horrible skin, I've been at work all day and couldn't be bothered to reapply all my make-up just to take a photo! I don't know if this is just wishful thinking but I kind of think this has made my very thin lips look slightly fuller. I haven't got any liner/gloss on here, just vaseline underneath which is all I usually wear on my lips anyway. But yeah, you can see its a gorgeous neutral colour, and I'd love to have a go at applying it with a lip brush, because feel like I've had to lay it on a bit thick to get it this colour straight off the bullet. This lipstick doesn't really have a noticeable scent, so that's great if you find scents to be overpowering. The only downside for me is the longevity, because its so sheer I feel like I constantly need to re-apply it, but that's the price you pay when (like me) you can't really get on with matte lipsticks!


  1. That colour looks lovely! :)

    1. Thank you :) I am always a bit skeptical of ordering something without seeing it first, but I'm pleased this time x

  2. lovely lovely looking lipstick! LV x

  3. I think the colour of you lipstick is amazing:).
    Great blog :) check out mine :)
    xox Vicky

  4. Thanks so much :) I haven't a tutorial for it,but I have a pictures how step by step do it ;D
    check it out :) Would you like to follow each other? xox

  5. I want this lipstick it looks so nice on you:) xxx


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