Skin Care: Liz Earle Naturally Active Cleanser and Toner

18 May 2012

There are loads and loads of review out there already for Liz Earle products, and I know they've had a cult following for years now, but as someone who only came across the brand a couple of weeks ago I really wanted to give my opinion. After going through lots of reviews, I finally decided to order the 50ml pump bottle of the Cleanse and Polish (£9.00) which came with a muslin cloth, and the 30ml spritzer bottle of the Instant Boost Skin Tonic (£5.25). I was a little bit put off by the delivery prices, but decided to opt for the £4, 2-3 working days option. I was amazed to find that my package actually arrived the next morning! I was SO impressed, I find that when I order things online 90% of the time companies tend to stall with shipping unless you're willing to pay extortionate next day delivery prices (which I normally do, as I'm impatient), but Liz Earle's delivery was faultless. I was even more impressed when I opened up my package. Inside, everything was individually and beautifully wrapped in tissue paper, and I also got a complimentary 30ml tube of cleanse and polish, an extra muslin cloth, and samples of her new skin tint, which I can't wait to try, and I wasn't expecting at all!

I really love the way that the Cleanse and Polish makes my skin feel. As I'm sure you all know, you use a warm muslin cloth to gently exfoliate the product of the skin. I've found that this product balances out my skin (which is oily on the t-zone, with dry cheeks and a spotty jaw), and just makes my cheeks in particular feel really smooth and lovely. I have quite a lot of scarring and redness on my cheeks, and this has really helped to even that out too - my skin just really does look like someone has polished it. I had been using my past cleanser (Nars balancing foam) since February, and it hadn't really made any difference to my skin. But within literally a week of using Liz Earle's cleanse and polish morning and night, my skin felt 100% better, and I haven't had any new breakouts.
I hadn't read as many reviews on the Instant Boost Skin Tonic when I came to order it, and I'd never actually used a toner before, so I didn't really know what to expect from this product. I have to say, I LOVE this product. Seriously, I spritz it on my face at least four times a day, and I've found that I'm wearing make up less and less because I love just being able to spray this on my skin and how fresh and dewy it makes me feel. I can not wait to try this out in a warmer climate, because if it feels that refreshing here, imagine how it would feel lying on the beach! This product is an absolute dream and I think it deserves just as much hype as the cleanse and polish.

All in all I've had a really positive experience with Liz Earle. Their customer service is faultless, and their products have just agreed with my skin so much. I'm not sure why that is, but I have a feeling its to do with all the natural ingredients which the products contain, so I'll definitely be looking in to less harsh forms of skin care. When I run out I will absolutely repurchase these products (along with a stack of muslin cloths, as its a bit of pain having to constantly wash the two I have), I think they're really reasonably priced. I'd love to try their light moisturiser, as I've yet to find a moisturiser that actually makes my skin feel nice without clogging up my pores! These two products will definitely be a part of my permanent skin care regime.


  1. Just come across your blog! I love Liz Earle products, especially cleanse and polish! xxx

    1. Have you tried their moisturiser? I really want to, need some positive recommendations xx


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