Skin Care: Avene hydrance optimale light + soothing hydrating serum

27 May 2012

First up, apologies that these aren't the best photos in the world - I took them all a couple of weeks ago when I was just starting to get to grips with various cameras etc, and I've since used up a lot of the products!

Up until about four months ago, all I was using on my skin on a daily basis was oilatum moisturiser in the morning, and cheap face wipes in the evening, I know right, my poor skin. I've since become completely enamoured with skin care, and I'm reaping the benefits. I'm experiencing far fewer breakouts, my skin feels less greasy and dry in different areas, and my cheeks aren't as red, which is all great. Whilst I was researching more natural based skin care brands (as I have very sensitive skin and several conditions which means me + harsh chemicals = instant reaction) I came across Avene. Avene are a French company who use thermal water as their main ingredient in every product, and this has been clinically proving to have a soothing effect on trouble skin.

I signed up to their website purely for a skin diagnosis, but if I'm honest forget about the brand as I got swept up in my love for Liz Earle. A couple of weeks later the top box arrived in the post. Having not expected to receive anything it was a lovely surprise, and included the moisturiser and cleanser samples which you see pictured. I'll be honest, I haven't touched the cleanser as I'm really happy with my LE and if it aint broke I won't try and fix it, but the next day I went and picked up the serum and spray (read my thoughts on the spray here).
So as I've said, the only moisturiser I had used before this one was oilatum. I bought it because the pixiwoo sisters were raving about it, and at the time I did have really dry skin. My mum had always used oilatum in the bath when I was little, so I knew I wouldn't have any nasty reactions to it. It was great at first, but after a while my face was just so greasy. I genuinely thought that was how a moisturiser should feel, so at first this felt almost drying on my skin! However after about three weeks of applying this every morning, my skin just feels amazing. This isn't harsh at all, its in the 'light' formula so great if you have combination skin like me, I genuinely just sit stroking my face because it feels so nice haha. My skin feels smooth, refreshed and not greasy at all. I'm definitely purchasing this in full size as soon as Avene get back to me with regards to their SPF - its probably me being silly but I can't find clarification on their website as to whether this protects against UVA, UVB or both, and if its not both then I'll purchase the SPF free bottle and just use a seperate SPF for my face (I'll update once they email me back). Another great thing is that I haven't reacted to the SPF in this, wooo! Update: all of Avene's products with SPF feature UVA and UVB protection :). And it hasn't blocked my pores up at all, I've only had one new (very small) spot in the last three weeks, usually I'd get 2 or 3 a week.
I initially purchased this just because I'd tried it on my hand and it felt so lovely I couldn't refuse! I didn't really know what do with it, but I'm so glad that I bought it now. I use this as my night cream instead of hydrance optimale, as I just don't like the thought of wearing SPF at night, and because this isn't in a 'light' formulation like the hydrance optimale it just allows my skin to drink up that little bit of extra moisture overnight. I use between 1 to 2 pumps for my whole face depending on how dry my skin feels, and this just feels so lovely and dewy. At first I was using this in the mornings too before my moisturiser, but it just felt like a step too much, and it'll last longer this way too!

Although Avene products are quite pricey I have seen definite results. I'll definitely be incorporating the serum and moisturiser in to my every day routine, and I'm just so happy to have found a moisturiser that does exactly what I need it to. I tend to carry the spray around with me in my handbag and use it as and when I need it, but the serum and moisturiser are my new staples! If you have difficulties with your skin (i.e. oily, dry, acne etc) I would definitely recommend you take a little look at the Avene website and have them diagnose your skin, as I'm really happy with the results I've seen! Avene products are available from Boots.


  1. I have oily skin and so will definitely be checking these out! Thanks for the review! xx

    1. I couldn't recommend it any more highly, it's sorted my greasy t-zone out! X

  2. I've heard Avene is great! But if you want a splure, I'd totally recommend giving Aesop a go. I have never used anything as amazing!
    I also have combination/dry skin.


    Zoe xx

  3. I'd never heard of aesop until I saw it in a post you did the other day! I'll definitely be looking in to the brand, skin care is the one thing I don't mind being extravagant about as I figure its important to maintain the canvas! Haha x

  4. Ooh, I wonder if they have this in Australia? My oily skin could do with this, too.

    x Michelle |

  5. I love Avene products! they`re amazing for my skin! xx


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