Hair: Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment

25 May 2012

At the minute I am going through a bit of a hair nightmare. In the last year I've gone from bleached white, to ombre, to dark brown, to highlights, and in two weeks I'm going even lighter. I just don't suit dark hair and I won't rest til its nice! But obviously my hair is suffering as a result...I've had to chop it off to jaw length, and it was just feeling so thin and really really damaged. Recently I've made the move to more natural skin care, and I thought I'd try the same for my hair. Step in Aveda Damage Remedy (more super long words) treatment.

I had my first experience of Aveda at the tender age of fifteen, when I was in London on a school trip to watch Les Miserables. We were given some free time in the morning and I wandered round Covent Garden with some friends, and ended up in MAC, where I purchased my first ever MAC foundation, and got hooked to make up. I then went to an Aveda store (can't remember where exactly) and as my hair was peroxide white at the time, asked for something to help the condition. I remember shelling out about £20 for a product and being so unimpressed, I doubt I even used it up and quickly moved on to lots of other hair care brands.

So, six years later after going through most brands I ended up back at Aveda. I read some incredibly tempting reviews of this product, but for a while I was really torn between this and their moisturising treatment. The main reason I was hesitant of buying this was because it was a protein treatment. I'd used Redken's protein restructuring shampoo, conditioner and CAT treatment a few months ago and it made my hair feel gross, and dried my scalp out so much. Dandruff was not a good look! Anyway, eventually I decided to just risk this, and I ordered it off of Look Fantastic because it was cheaper than on Aveda's website, and had free delivery too. Delivery was speedy, I ordered it on a Saturday evening and it arrived on a Wednesday morning!

From the first use of this I loved it. Its made my hair feel so silky, but also lighter if that makes sense? Like other treatments have weighed my hair down, and this has cleansed it all and made it feel bouncier and a bit thicker. I've been so pleased with my hair whilst using this, I tend to wash my hair every other day and I've used this every time, I leave it on for around twenty minutes and my hair just feels so much better for it. I know you can overload your hair with too much protein so I might buy the moisturising treatment too and alternate them. I'm just so so pleased with this and it has really changed my mind on Aveda! I couldn't recommend it more if you have damaged hair, I know its pricey but its my HG now, I will definitely be repurchasing.


  1. I've never tried Aveda products, I'll have to give it a go.
    and please check the giveaway I have on my blog now! You choose the item if you win!


  2. Ah! You've just reminded me about the product! I bought it a few years ago before a prom to better the condition of my hair. It is lovely but it stopped making a difference to my hair after a while - but I think I might give it another go now!

    Kate xx


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