Nails: Nicki Minaj for OPI - Save Me

20 May 2012

So today my whole family went to watch my brothers and dad have a flying lesson, which meant that I got to use my brothers even better DSLR! I always thought my little samsung was good enough, but this was like a dream.

I first bought Nicki Minaj's Save Me back in February. I layered it over a black polish on my toes, but it came out so thick that I could barely see the black underneath. I was expecting this to just be a nice glittery top coat, so I was pretty disappointed, and didn't come back to use it again.

This morning I went to paint my nails with my standard Models Own Utopia (on the right) and technics glitter combo, but felt a bit guilty that I own a load of glitter polishes that never get used. I decided this time I'd brave the Nicki Minaj again as I hate to be wasteful, but this time I scraped most of the polish off of the brush and on to the side of the bottle before I applied it to the nails. I did a base coat of a clear models own polish, two coats of utopia, 1 *very* thin coat of save me, and a final clear coat on top. This was the result:
I'm really pleased with the way this has turned out, although I do think its definitely a very wintery combo. It does look a bit tacky but I love that! Save Me is a combination of tiny silver flecks, and blue and gold holographic bar glitter. It's just really different to all of the other glitters I own, and now I know to apply this very lightly, I'll definitely be using it more often. It dries ridiculously quickly which is always a bonus for me, and I think it'd look amazing over a deep blue base (on another note, I absolutely love utopia - one of my favourite polishes, and very wearable). Did you try any of the other colours from this collection? I'm gutted that I missed out on 'did it on 'em' but at the time it just didn't appeal to me. Might have to track that one down...


  1. Oh I love the colours, I think I will put on some lilac on my nails next :)

  2. Yeah I am loving lilac nails at the minute :)

  3. AAAH so pretty!!!! i love the confetti polish! -Loving Sunshine


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