Skin Care: My Summer Hero

24 May 2012

Just another quick post, I know I have been super slack on blogging this week but a combination of having my last ever exam and finishing my degree/starting my new job/this incredible weather has meant I haven't really been able to drag myself to the computer to post anything.

As everyone in the UK will know at the minute, the weather has been absolutely amazing for the last few days, and whilst I love nothing more than lounging about in the sun, the heat has left me a bit hot and bothered, especially in the mornings after walking in to work! I have had this product for a couple of weeks now but had just dumped it in my gym bag and not really used it as I didn't know what to do with it. Yes its moisturising but I have a liquid moisturiser, and yes it feels a bit like a toner but I have a Liz Earle toner! Anyway, today I was a bit sweaty and gross, and I remembered I had this in my bag. Grabbed it, sprayed my face (over make up)/arms/legs et voila, I was cool, calm and relaxed. I leant it to my two sisters to have a go too and now they're both hooked and off to Boots to buy it tonight!

I know that basically it is just water I'm spraying, but its ~French thermal water~ so it just feels a bit luxurious and I'm an Avene addict anyway (going to post a review of some of their products soon). This did work so much better than just covering myself in water too, and I genuinely felt refreshed afterwards. If you're struggling to cope with this heat then nip down to boots and pick up this spray, I paid £3.15 for 50ml but I'm gonna go back and get 150ml for £6.50 now I finally have a use for it! Even better its on 3 for 2 at the minute.


  1. Ahh this sounds awesome, I get so hot too and I hate just splashing water on myself, sounds like a great alternative x

    1. Yeahh it is lovely and refreshing! I have even got my dad hooked on it for soothing where insects have bitten him haha x


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