My new babies (sort of allegra dupes)

21 May 2012

So like the rest of the blogging world, I fell in love with the Topshop allegras. I also couldn't afford them being a poor student, let them pass, and spent the next six months regretting it. Last week I saw a couple of posts with people wearing them, and for some reason decided I absolutely needed some in my life. After searching ebay and there only being one pair in my size for about £100, I started looking for dupes. Found loads of amazing ones on ebay for between £16 and £30, but none were in my stock :( I even e-mailed sellers to ask if they'd get any more in stock, I was that desperate! Finally after going through about ten pages on ebay I got a link to Mr. Shoes. I'd never ever heard of Mr. Shoes and I was pretty skeptical about ordering them after reading some reviews, but I wanted these shoes so badly I risked it.
I think they're a pretty good copy, just not as tall, and the heel is a good height for every day wearing. Delivery said it would take 5-7 working days, but after ordering them on Thursday evening they arrived today (Monday morning) which I was pretty pleased about. For £30 I think they're a bargain, I just hope they don't fall apart 'cos I've got a feeling I'll be living in them! They're sooo comfy and I'd definitely recommend them for anyone who missed out on the allegras or just fancies some new boots.


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    1. Thank you :) typical of it to get reeally sunny the day I buy new boots x


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