Lips: Yves Saint Laurent Lips

28 May 2012

The recent sun has encouraged me to be a bit brighter with my make up, and so I was lusting after a nice corally lip. I didn't want to be super bright, so I thought I'd be more comfortable with a satin effect, rather than a really matte long lasting shade. I'd never actually bought anything from YSL before but I was intrigued by their lovely packaging.

I'll be honest, I've never ever bought a lip liner before. I tend to only wear lip glosses or very sheer lipsticks, so I've never thought them to be necessary. However, I do also have really thin lips, so the lady on the YSL counter kindly showed me how to use a combination of this and the touche eclat to really make the most out of my pout. I was really impressed with this, and thought the colour was perfect to go with most of my lipsticks. It feels really soft on my lips and definitely makes my colour last longer.
This is the most I've ever paid for a lipstick, but it was my big treat for having my first pay day! The name of this is the perfect description, it really just is a gorgeous pink coral shade, and its a lot lighter on the lips than it looks in these photos. I love the packaging, and this feels luxurious on my lips, although it does have a slightly grannyish scent which I'm not too keen of. This hasn't got a fantastic lasting time but that's because it is quite a 'dewy' (for want of a better word) finish on the lips - its not glossy or sticky at all, it just looks like you've licked your lips over the lipstick. My perfect summer shade.

These are very light swatches but the top is the lipstick and the bottom is the liner :) I love these products, they'll definitely be my new summer lip!


  1. I love the Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks! This is such a beautiful colour and the packaging is wonderful too x

    1. Can't believe I have never tried them before! They're so nice x

  2. that packaging is so lovely, would buy it just for that! LV x

  3. YSL Rouge Voluptes are my favourite lip products of all time! This lipstick is a beautiful colour. The packaging is so beautiful (makes me feel posh haha!) X


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